Probation Lawyer in London

One of the sentencing options for judges is to suspend the passing of sentence and place a person on a probation for a period of time, usually one year, but never more than three.

The terms of probation are usually to keep the peace and be of good behaviour, and to report to a probation officer as directed.  Often the courts order the performance of community services, which is involves working as a volunteer for non-profit or community organizations. The idea behind probation is to assist the offender with issues that may have lead to his criminal conduct and try to resolve them in a way that prevents the offender from committing further crimes.

It is a criminal offence to breach the terms of the probation order and quite often breaches of probation are punished by jail sentences.

If you are charged with breach of probation you need a lawyer who can advise you on the best way to solve your problem and keep you out of jail.  If the issue is the non-completion of community service, James can help you by getting you back on track with your community service.

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