Domestic Assault Lawyer in London

Domestic assault is a serious social problem. If you are charged with domestic assault, James Zegers can negotiate a solution to keep you from getting a criminal record.

More and more people are being charged with criminal offences arising from domestic disputes, including assault, criminal harassment, and mischief.

James Zegers has an excellent record for resolving domestic charges.  Often a careful review of the allegations with the prosecutor results in the withdrawal of criminal charges against an accused when there is no reasonable prospect of conviction.

In other cases the Crown can be persuaded to withdraw charges after the accused agrees to undergo counseling to address issues underlying the domestic conflict.

Peace bonds, where one party agrees not to communicate with another, are also used to resolve domestic charges.

Clients can also be referred to the early intervention program, where charges that might ordinarily result in criminal convictions or even jail sentences can be resolved by way of a conditional discharge – a finding of guilt without the registering of a criminal conviction.

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