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 James Zegers, Criminal Defence Lawyer at Zegers Law

If you are facing criminal charges, you need expert guidance and advice to help you navigate the intricacies of the legal system.

For over twenty years James Zegers has successfully defended clients in London and Southwestern Ontario for criminal offences ranges from shoplifting and property damage to assault and murder.

As your criminal defence lawyer, James regularly achieves the best possible result in an effective, discrete and efficient manner. 

24 Hour Service

Criminal law is not a nine to five business.  James Zegers and his team are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to emergencies as they arise and stop small problems from becoming large ones.

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Domestic Assault

Domestic Assault is an extremely serious social problem. If you are charged with domestic assault, James Zegers will work for the best possible result in an effective, discrete and efficient manner. 

Drug Offences

A conviction for possession of a controlled substance will prevent you from crossing the border, and can have a negative impact on your employment. James Zegers can help you keep your right to travel and safeguard your employment prospects. 

Impaired Driving

Every year thousands of people find themselves charged with drinking and driving offences. The law in this area is extremely complex. James Zegers successfully defends drivers charged with operating a motor vehicle while impaired and can help you keep your licence.

Negotiation and Resolution 

Through negotiation James Zegers can help resolve your charges and avoid the uncertainty and expense of a criminal trial.

Property Offences

A conviction for theft or fraud can affect have adverse employment consequences and prevent you from entering the United States.  If you are charged with theft or fraud James Zegers can help you avoid a criminal record.

Indigenous Persons

James Zegers understands the issues facing indigenous persons involved in the Canadian criminal justice system and has over twenty years experience representing their interests. 

Initial Consultation

Hiring a criminal lawyer is an important decision.  Contact Zegers Law at 519-673-0440 or email

James Zegers, Zegers Law
James Zegers

Criminal Lawyer

James Zegers is one of London Ontario's most experienced criminal lawyers. With over 20 years of trial experience, James has represented hundreds of clients charged with criminal offences. 

Kristen Merucci, Zegers Law
Kristen Merucci


As the first point of contact for Zegers Law Professional Corporation, Kristen is known for her compassion and professionalism and is a court tested licensed paralegal and a member in good standing of the Law Society of Ontario.


  • Our family was challenged with a very difficult situation with our adult child who had stumbled into difficulty that resulted in police charges. James Zegers was recommended to us by my lawyer and we proceeded to access his services. What gave us great comfort was the non-judgemental delivery of services during a difficult period for us. We were well supported with pragmatic and analytical advice from Mr. Zegers. We were also given a great deal of comfort from his paralegal partner, Kristen Merucci, who knows the law well, and showed...
  • Thank you for your outstanding execution of my case.  Your team’s flawless execution came through for me.  This win has profoundly affected every aspect of my life, particularly as I am newly married.  Thank you.  I would recommend your services to anyone.
  • I am extremely pleased with the work done by Zegers Law with respect to the withdrawal of my recent Highway Traffic Act charges.  From my first talk with James and Kristen I was convinced that they would do their absolute best for me.  Words cannot express how easy it was to work through the complete process.  Thank you very much for your time and efforts.
  • James Zegers always has my best interest at heart.  He works hard and achieves excellent results, including acquittal at trial and the withdrawal of charges. I can trust James Zegers.

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