Criminal Offences & Defence Services at Zegers Law in London, ON

Zegers Law is an experienced criminal law team with over 20 years of experience handling serious and complex criminal charges. Their attention to detail and expertise in criminal offences means they can help navigate the intricacies of the legal system. From shoplifting charges to murder and manslaughter cases, criminal lawyer James Zegers will work to get you the best possible outcome.

Murder & Manslaughter

A murder or wrongful death convictions should be handled with the help of an experienced lawyer. With over twenty years of experience handling murder and wrongful death cases, the criminal law team at Zegers Law should be your first call when charged. Their expertise and experience could mean the difference between a not guilty verdict or facing time in jail.

Domestic Assault

Domestic assault charges that stem from disputes such as assault, criminal harassment and mischief are becoming more common. They should not be taken lightly and can lead to a criminal record if not handled by a professional and experienced legal team. Typically, after careful review, the criminal charges are withdrawn when no reasonable prospect of conviction is identified. Other times, charges are withdrawn after the accused agrees to undergo counselling or peace bonds are put in place as an effort to resolve domestic charges.


Assault is the intentional application of force without given consent. Assault charges are serious and can lead to a criminal record. Luckily, there are a number of defences that can help you avoid assault charges, such as consent and self-defence.

Peace bonds are a common method of resolving assault charges, typically requiring the accused to maintain good behaviour or avoid communication with the complainant. A prosecutor will withdraw charges in exchange for entering into a peace bond.

Motor Vehicle Offences

Impaired Driving

In Canada, every year thousands of people are charged with drinking and driving offences. DUI charges and the law in this area are complex and require the expertise of an experienced criminal lawyer.

When it comes to successfully defending driving offences, a careful review of the case facts and detailed knowledge of the law is required. Issues such as the timing of breath tests and the procedures that took place at the initial police stop play a significant role in the case outcome.

Driving While Suspended

Charges for driving while suspended should be taken seriously and handled by an experienced and professional lawyer, as these charges can often lead to a sentence of 30 days in custody. Trust a lawyer with the experience and expertise to avoid jail time.

Highway Traffic Act

Offences such as speeding, careless driving and driving while suspended are not considered criminal offences, but they do fall under the Highway Traffic Act. These fines can result in severe penalties such as increased insurance premiums, costly fines and sometimes jail time.

The Zegers Law paralegal team can help to provide guidance and solutions for clients facing these charges and, in some instances, careless driving offences can be reduced to lesser charges.

Sexual Assault

Charges and allegations of sexual offences are devastating and can permanently damage a person's reputation. Zegers Law experienced team handles these serious charges with discretion, in an effort to maintain the client's reputation. James Zegers attention to detail, research and preparation have led to sexual assault charges being withdrawn prior to trial.

Property Offences

Shoplifting/Theft Under

Theft Under charges refers to the theft of goods under $5,000.00 in value. Shoplifting typically falls within this category as well. In many cases, for first-time offenders, these charges are dealt with by way of Direct Accountability Programs or Alternative Measures. Through these programs, the accused will accept the responsibility for the charges, but will not have to deal with the implications of a criminal record.


Mischief charges are typically referred to as an intentional damage of property. As with Shoplifting and Theft Under charges, first offenders facing Mischief charges may find resolution by way of Direct Accountability Programs where the accused accepts the responsibility of the charges without suffering the consequences of a criminal record.

Break and Enter

Break and enter offences are serious charges, that may result in a possible maximum penalty of life in prison. These offences involve entering a home or business and committing an offence such as theft or assault. James Zegers has over 20 years of experience handling serious break and enters cases, and will work to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Fraud Defences

Fraud charges are often complex and require careful review from an experienced lawyer. Fraud charges may include taking cash from the till of a business, intentionally writing bad cheques, or acquiring benefits from dishonest representation. With over twenty years of experience, James Zegers will help you through fraud allegations and will perform careful review and investigation of the charges.

Young Offenders

Sometimes children get into trouble and sometimes that means criminal charges. The Youth Criminal act ensures that youth under 18 years of age are treated differently in terms of rehabilitation and punishment.

This situation can be a nightmare for parents, but James Zegers experience handling young offender cases means he can help to get your child out of trouble without a criminal record and will handle this serious family situation with discretion and sensitivity.

Drug Offences

Possession of Controlled Substances

Being charged with possession of cocaine can have a serious impact on your life and can prevent you from crossing the border or gaining employment. James Zegers experience handling drug offences charges can ensure your employment prospects and your right to travel aren't being compromised.

Often, first time offender's charges are handled in a way that may not lead to a permanent criminal record.

Marijuana Production

Despite today's liberal views, marijuana production and possession can still lead to serious penalties, including possible jail time. The number of plants produced or possessed can potentially lead to a minimum of 6 months in jail if determined that production was for the purpose of trafficking.


Trafficking is considered the most serious drug offences and unfortunately, many who are involved in the drug trade are victims themselves. Often, they are individuals who are addicted who sell to keep themselves supplied.

James Zegers experience allows him to provide the court with a complete account of the individual being charged, with an emphasis on rehabilitation as the final outcome. This is in the community's best interest, as his client will get the help they need in overcoming their addictions.

Charter of Rights and Freedoms

When it comes to trafficking cases, it's important that your constitutional rights to counsel, freedom from arbitrary detention and unreasonable search are observed.  James Zegers extensive knowledge of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms means he can identify potential search and seizure in your specific case.

Breach of Probation

Often, sentencing options can result in the suspending of sentence and place the individual who is charged on probation. Probation typically lasts one year or up to three years. While on probation, offenders are assisted in resolving issues that may have led to their criminal activity. While on probation, the offender must maintain good behaviour, report to the probation officer regularly and possibly complete community service hours.  It is considered a serious criminal offence to breach the terms of a probation order and breach of probation can sometimes lead to potential jail time. Zegers Law can get you back on track and avoid additional jail time and arrange to complete community service hours.

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